May 24, 2009

SIREN process.... sorta

I've been getting some emails about process.

Here's a look into how I work, just a peek. (i'm a little bit secretive!)
I put a side by side comparison of my thumb for the first page, with the finished first page. I've also included an early WIP of the first page.


SIREN is now available for PREORDER!!!
a measly 22$, and the promise of the book being signed by every artist!!
it will be a limited first run of only 200 copies, so...


btw, i won Best in Show and 1st in Advanced Ill in this year's spring show. huzzah~
i printed 'em out pretty big (atleast 2ft long) so go check them out if you can!


Ray said...

LIN!!! Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecreeeeeeeeeets

MAA said...

I really want to get this comic!
Could you ship to Japan??

Thanks for showing your great work!!

Wythe Bowart said...

I know your secrets. You outsource your illustrations. THEY ARE NOT EVEN HIS DRAWINGS! DONT BELIEVE THE LIES! FRANK is an anacronim for Faux Roughs And Naughty Kinks! . . . . . I spent too much time on that. I love "your" work.

Mark Simmons said...

Secret process tips! Squirrel away in reference cabinet! Ha ha ha! Of course, you could just publish your thumbs and nobody would be the wiser.

And extra super congrats on your awards. I'm sure next year's Illustration students are heaving sighs of relief they won't have to compete with you head-to-head, you towering titan of talent, you.

And Masa, if all else fails, I'll send you a copy. Hope you're doing well and kicking butt over there!

Jelter said...

i've managed to reverse-engineer your process. i'll keep it a secret for $200