January 13, 2010

this is an experiment I did a couple monthes back, a lot of people ended up telling me she looks manly. not totally happy with the end result.

This test ended up being the design on shirt of the woman in my 'hyphen' illustration.

a little more work from my sketchbook:


Ray Bonilla said...

great drawings man. The woman's look doesn't bother me. Its got an androgynous look to it which some women do.

Chris Rahn said...

I like it, introspective and a more realistic look than usual. It's getting to be that unless a girl's got a tiny jaw and giant eyes people think she looks too masculine.

Alexis said...

i don't think her face looks particularly masculine but possibly her hair line? that jumped out at me more than her facial features did. great drawing, though. nice colours, too.